I never could understand people that
don't like cats! What's not to like? They're
sweet, lovable, cuddly, playful and very
intelligent. What could be nicer than a 
sweet little ball of fur curled up in your
lap with a motor running.

Tumbling and racing and climbing the chairs
And tiny ones climbing the drapes and the stairs.
Then out to the kitchen for something to eat
Whoops! To the sandbox on quick little feet.
There they go racing their toys to pursue
Our throw rugs go flying and land all askew.
Then suddenly tired and and all cuddly and sweet
They're happily curled all snug at your feet!

(Connie P. Morga)


A black cat crossing your path signifies that
the animal is going somewhere.....Groucho Marx

Black cats are considered good luck in Asia and England.


In 1987 cats over took dogs as number one pet.

Abe Lincoln rescued three young cats that he found
half frozen in General Grant's camp during the
Civil war.

No matter how much cats fight, there always seems to
be plenty of kittens....Abe Lincoln

I care not for a man's religion whose dog and cat
are not the better for it....Abe Lincoln


This is Jethro Bodine, the funniest little
cat in the world! And so sweet...he resides in
Missouri with my sister Sandy. I love the way
he props himself against a wall!


(Sadly I have to report that Jethro
passed away Oct. 5, 2009. He 
was 14 years old...he will be greatly missed)

Oh! That darn cat! Now why did he do that?
Why are some cats quiet, reserved, and nosey? 
Then there are cats that are shy and quiet...are
cats under the spell of the moon and stars?
What do you think?


  Aries: 3-21...4-20

This is an adventurous cat, busy and not very restful. If allowed 
to roam, they will visit every house on the block for a bite to eat.
Other pets are not easily tolerated, so forget having a little bird!
You will love their character and playfulness.

  Taurus: 4-21...5-21

This little cat is always purring, and happiest when asleep on a
favorite bed. they love food and will tend to the plump side, they
are easy going but will react fiercely if angered.  These are
the cats with the huge beautiful eyes.

  Gemini: 5-22...6-21

This is an out and about cat, he will become restless if expected
to be a lap cat. Very bright and will "talk" to you. This beauty is
usually very sleek and long of limb. If let outside he may bring
you an occasional offering in the form of a dead bird.

  Cancer: 6-22...7-23

This is the ideal cat for someone who spends lots of time at home.
He will spend a lot of time right by your side, climbing on your
lap at every opportunity. Very affectionate. Likes to sleep the
day away and is most active at night.

 Leo: 7-24...8-23

This is a beautiful cat, often long haired and well groomed.
Usually has good health and good luck. They adore praise
and will go out of their way to attract attention. They are
loyal and will rule the roost.

  Virgo: 8-24...9-23

This is a cautious and careful cat. Very intelligent. They won't
 mind if you are gone all day. A picky eater, wants only the
 top brand! Very clean and spends lots of time grooming. If you
 have mice, buy a trap, this cat couldn't catch it if it wanted to.

  Libra: 9-24...10-23

The Libra cat loves to be pampered. they love attention and
won't appreciate being shooed off their favorite chair, or maybe
the sofa, since they can never make up their minds. Another
finicky eater. A little dreamy at times but it is because they are
in love.

  Scorpio: 10-24...11-22

Passionate, with a magnetic personality. He leaps and
bounds joyfully. doesn't make friends easily but once won over
he is your friend for life. this cat is magic and will bring you
good luck. The ideal Scorpio is black with green eyes.

  Sagittarius: 11-23...12-21

A freedom loving rover is this cat. Not as graceful as other cats,
they love eating and human company. Energetic and playful, this
is the cat that gets stuck up in a tree. To much fussing over
them makes them impatient.

  Capricorn: 12-22...1-20

This sweet little cat is unruffled and serene. Usually timid with
strangers. They love affection but are timid about asking for it.
Shy and retiring and needs patience and understanding.

  Aquarius: 1-21...2-19

An unpredictable, aloof cat. Admire him from afar. They rarely
show affection for humans but will observe them with interest.
Eccentric and different from any cat you've ever known. Don't
be surprised to find this cat sleeping with the dog.

  Pisces: 2-20...3-20

This is a home loving cat, the lure of the garden wall holds no
lure for this sweet devoted little feline. She will focus her
devotion on her owner. Very intuitive and will sense your moods.

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