Flight 93

Forty ordinary people came together on
September 11, 2001 for a cross country flight
from New Jersey to San Francisco on
United Airlines Flight 93. Yet, when their plane
was hijacked and turned around near
Cleveland, Ohio, on a course for Washington D.C.
and the U.S. Capitol, these 40 ordinary people
showed extraordinary courage and selflessness.
 It can't have been easy talking to their loved ones
on the phone, learning that other planes had
hijacked that morning and crashed into 
the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.
Yet instead of giving up, these 40 people--
33 passengers and 7 crew members 
came together as one to 
lead the charge in the war against terrorism.


The following poem was written in memory of a man who lost
his life on Flight 93.  It is dedicated to all of those
whose lives were lost or changed forever on
September 11, 2001
We remember them all with love.


"We are hurting, but healing," 
My young son said to me. 
"My sweet Lori's brother, 
Was on Flight 93." 

The shock, 
The grief,
The pain, 
The fear, 
All of these, I did hear. 

The great silver bird, 
In Pennsylvania lay, 
When in truth it was bound, 
For California that day. 

We know of the heroes, 
The "creme de la creme" 
Sons, brothers, husbands, 
These were the men... 
These were the men, On Flight 93, 

Performing heroics,
 For you and for me. 
For this our great land, 
So nobly they gave, 
Exchange of their lives,
 For a meadow land grave. 

For flora and fauna, 
In his loving care, 
Richard Guadagno, 
Always was there. 

In the refuge he tended 
For creatures, so small, 
He gave his protection, 
"Lest one should fall." 

He is missed. 
He is loved. 
His mem'ry lives on 
The birds that he loved, 
With their sweet, plaintive song. 

"We are hurting, but healing," 
His birds sing to me, 
"For our kind, loving Richard,
 Was on Flight 93." 

Renee' Larson Bratlee March 11, 2002 ~

The Hero's of Flight 93

Christian Adams, Lorraine G. Bay, Crew, Todd Beamer,
Alan Beaven, Mark Bingham, Deora Bodley, 
Sandra W. Bradshaw, Crew, Marion Britton, Thomas E. Burnett, Jr., 
William Cashman, Georgine Rose Corrigan, Patricia Cushing, 
Jason Dahl, Captain, Joseph DeLuca, Patrick Driscoll, 
Edward Porter Felt, Jane C. Folger,
Colleen L. Fraser, Andrew Garcia, Jeremy Glick, Lauren Grandcolas,
Wanda A. Green, Crew, Donald F. Greene, Linda Gronlund, 
Richard Guadagno, LeRoy Homer, Jr., First Officer, Toshiya Kuge,
CeeCee Lyles, Crew, Hilda Marcin, Waleska Martinez, 
Donald Peterson, Jean Hoadley Peterson,
Mark Rothenberg, Christine Snyder, John Talignani,
Honor Elizabeth Wainio, Deborah Ann Jacobs Welsh, Crew, 
Kristin Gould White, Nicole Miller, Louis J. Nacke, II.

May they rest in peace.



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