Halloween Boogie Woogie

Ghouls, goblins and witches
Are all dancing tonight
They'll kick up their heels
To give you a fright.

Dancing and twirling
And spinning around
Singing and howling
What a frightening  sound!

The moon casts a glow
As they twirl and twitch
A broom for a partner
For each little witch.

Ghosts like to dance
As they fly through the air
Rattling their chains
Just to give us a scare!

Skeletons dancing all in a row
Clicking and clacking go their bones
Grinning like fools from ear to ear
Keeping the beat to the musical moans.

If you peek out your window
Very late on Halloween night
You just might see these ghosts and ghouls
Dancing and swaying in the bright moonlight!

~ Charlotte Anselmo ~

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