Ahhh........the joys of having a dog! 

Total and complete love and devotion...loyalty, and the
determination to stick with you, right by your side
even when you're in a miserable mood! If you are lucky
enough to have a pooch, then you have been truly blessed!

Did you know that after many years of study, scientists
have determined that dogs bark just for the heck of it...

Dachshunds are ideal pets for small children,
as they are already stretched and pulled to
such a length that the child cannot do much
 harm one way or the other......
Robert Benchley



The Dog

The truth I do not stretch or shove,
When I state the dog is full of love,
I've also proved by actual test,
A wet dog is the lovingest!

The reason a dog is such a lovable creature,
is that his tail wags instead of his tongue.

Do not accept your dogs admiration as conclusive
evidence that you are wonderful....Ann Landers

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die,
I want to go where they went.

Why does that dog do that? If you know your dogs
sun sign this might help.....and if you don't know the 
sun sign for your pooch, see if you can guess which 
one fits him or her best!


  Aries: (3-21...4-20)   

Very dominant, brave and bold. Bursting with energy. They
love attention and lots of love and cuddling. They love anything  
new and exciting and take great joy in living. Never shy, afraid
of nothing. Could be difficult to housetrain...patience, persistence
and repetition a must.

 Taurus: (4-21...5-21)

Dependable, loyal and constant. Somewhat reserved, they have a
deep need for security and affection. Determined and stubborn, 
never give up. Deeply devoted and make excellent calm pets. Easy
to train, when older tend to gain weight. They love music!!

 Gemini: (5-22...6-21) 

The Gemini dog is fun! Very intelligent, and have excellent 
communication skills. Intensely curious, very energetic. Bored easily
and require lots of attention. This is the pooch that will run away
if you don't keep a close eye on him. 

 Cancer: (6-22...7-23)

Deeply sensitive, kind and caring. Always there when people or
other animals need sympathy or love. Needs gentle handling and
lots of love. Loves playing in water...great with children, make 
great parents themselves. Can be moody, needs lots of petting.

 Leo: (7-24...8-23 )

Lively and energetic, loves to be the center of attention. Proud
and have a strong need for leadership and approval. Fearless,
and protective, great guard dogs, they would rather die than see 
harm come to you. Give them the love and recognition they deserve.

  Virgo: (8-24...9-23)

Cautious and reserved. they are routine oriented and love to
work and be trained. Kind and gentle, they love quiet time so do
best with small families. Clean and well behaved, very loyal and
will expect the same from you.

  Libra: (9-24...10-23)  

Loving, gentle and affectionate. Seldom aggressive towards 
anyone or anything. Usually beautiful and friendly.  They do not
like being left alone. They need the company of other dogs. Can
be quite stubborn.

  Scorpio: 10-24...11-22)

Quiet and secretive. Deeply emotional and intense. Never forget
a hurt and can be aggressive towards those that hurt them. They need
loyalty and understanding and will reward you with the same. Make
great trackers.

  Sagittarius: 11-23...12-21)

The clown of the zodiac, these happy go lucky dogs are sporting
and athletic but a bit on the clumsy side. When pups they are a 
virtual whirlwind of hyper energy. Exceptionally brave, trustworthy
and intelligent. Learn easily, a joy to own.

  Capricorn: 12-22...1-20)

Serious and introverted, reliable, and steady. Usually live a long time.
Stubborn and slow in anything they do. Eager to please. Slow learners
but they make excellent pets for children. Loyal to their family.

  Aquarius: 1-21...2-19)

Friends to everyone. Love meeting people and other animals. Often
unique in personality or appearance. Well suited to eccentric owners,
always friendly, never shy. Loves freedom, more people than dog.

  Pisces: (-2-20...3-20)

Sensitive and seem to know intuitively what you are thinking. Peace
and quiet are essential for their well being. May appear absent
minded or dreamy but they are actually very wise.


Please be kind to all animals!

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