Come home, come home, it's suppertime
the shadows they lengthen fast.
Come home, come home, it's suppertime
We're going home at last.

You know, some of the fondest memories of my
childhood were woven around suppertime.
When Mom would come to the back steps
of the old home place and she'd say,
"Child, come on in, it's suppertime.

Oh my how I'd love to hear that once more,
but you know, time has woven the realization
of the truth that is even more thrilling and
that's when the Lord comes to the Portals Of Glory
and says to come on in, for it's suppertime.


And we'll be gathered around the table of the
Lord himself and the greatest suppertime of them all.

In visions now I see her standing yonder and her
familiar voice I hear once more.
the banquet table's ready up in Heaven.
Oh it's suppertime upon the Golden Shore.

We're going home at last!


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Carl Valente

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