Whether the weather be fine
Or whether the weather be not
Whether the weather be cold
Or whether the weather be hot
We'll weather the weather
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not.



Now some like it cold
And some like it hot
I like it in between
Cause extremes I like not.


(Did you ever notice that the weather
at home improves as soon as you leave town?)


On rainy days I sit and ponder
And hope that it will stop
Oh no, the roof is leaking now
Where is that doggone mop?

(there will be a rain dance
Friday night....weather permitting)



The wind's another story
Cause it makes my hair a mess
Moose and gel and hair spray
To hold each wayward tress


And in the fall
we rake and rake
and rake and rake and rake
and rake and rake
and rake and rake and rake.
And rake.

And just around the corner
We'll see a little snow
Softly drifting snowflakes
How deep? We just don't know.



Now we long for spring to come
To see the flowers bloom
But with it comes that rain again
And we're filled with soggy gloom.


Summer sneaks right up on us
And hits us with a blast 
Where the heck did spring go
Hot and sticky got here fast!



We are simply never satisfied
With the weather that's our lot
If it's cold we moan and groan
And wish that it were hot.
And if it's hot as like as not
We wish that it would rain
Maybe just a good strong wind
Would cool us down again!

~ Charlotte Anselmo ~


Boring Weather facts:

According to NASA, the U.S. has the
world's most violent weather. In a typical
year, the U.S. can expect some 10,000
violent thunderstorms, 5000 floods,
1000 tornadoes, and several hurricanes.

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